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Ok so it is terrible that celebrity nudes get leaked



But I don’t get why people take nudes at all.

I just generally don’t get why people send naked pics to each other I mean really what is the point of it

I dunno, it just seems kind of stupid to take naked pictures of yourself. Maybe it’s cause I’m demi and was completely unaffected by my friend shoving a picture of a naked Jennifer Lawrence in my face

Sometimes people like their own bodies and they want to keep that image of themselves.
Sometimes you like so much someone else’s body that you want to keep that moment.
It can be sexually motivated, yes.
And it can also be just aesthetically motivated.
I think the main motivation is that at that moment you are enjoying so much the situation and you are loving so much what your body feels or looks or everything at the same time that you want to be able to remember those emotions forever.

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